Advertise With Wave Patrol

1) After the payment screen has been completed, I will then review your order and look to approve it as soon as possible (normally within 24 hours). At this time, a hold has been placed on your card for the funds, but you have not been charged as yet.

2) If your order is approved, funds will then be debited and you will receive an email confirming this. This email will also explain how you can access an account to view some basic stats (such as how many times your ad has been shown or clicked) and enable you to run the ad again or add a new one.

3) All sales are final.

4) Guidelines: anything that is illegal, dropshipping, gambling or adult products will not be approved.

5) Wave Patrol is a small business and cannot dedicate resources to negotiation of terms or any changes to how this functionality is set out. If what you see is not suitable to your needs, I am afraid Wave Patrol will not be able to make one-off adjustments.